With our shops located in Silverthorne and Leadville, CO we are centrally located to many surrounding towns for your convenience. Our high quality Llumar window tint and paint protection will guarantee the best of both worlds, visible light while blocking solar heat. This is like sunblock for your car and the people inside. At our altitude, this is a must have! Click on "Learn More" below and please use the interactive tools.

Why should I get my car Windows Tinted?

A good reason to tint the entire car is that it helps cut the glare from the sun, headlights, and makes for a more comfortable ride. Plus it looks cool, like sunglasses for a car. Our window tinting also protects you and your loved ones from harmful UV, UVA and UVB rays.

What is PPF Paint for Cars?

PPF(paint protection film) Will protect the car from rock chips, door scuffs, headlight fading, and can even save the bumpers from minor fender scrapes. Its an effective and affordable way to protect your vehicle.

Pricing for Car Window Tinting

Please look below to see our window tinting prices and products we offer for window tinting for vehicles.

Window ATRHigh Performance Metallic Tint ATCPremium Dyed Tint AIRClear Heat & UV Protection Tint
Front Windshield $150 AIR 80
Brow $50 $50 $50
Fronts (2 Cab) $130 $115
Rears (4 Cab) $225 $175
6 Cab $275 $225
6 Cab $145 $125
Sunroof $50 $50 $50
Full Car / Truck $370 $290
Full Van / SUV $450 $350

Pricing for LLumar PPF - Paint Protection Film

Section Pricing
Hood Only $200
Fenders Only $100
Mirrors Only $75
Headlights $75
Package Deal Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Headlights $375
4 Door Edges $40
4 Door Cups $60
Front BumperDepending on Make of Vehicle $250-$350

No matter what vehicle you have, we can tint it for you!

ATR High Performance Metallic Tint
  • 05 (NOT Available for Front Windows)
  • 15 (NOT Available for Front Windows)
  • 20
ATC Premium Dyed Tint
  • 30
  • 40
AIR Clear Heat & UV Protection Tint
  • 80